On The World Wide Web

I cancelled my subscription to the local newspaper five years ago.  The national news pages were so biased I could hardly bear to read them, and the local stuff was more like a gossip column.  Since I became interested in blogs, mainly through listening to Hugh Hewitt, I've cautiously moved forward, read with alacrity and find it an easy way, if a bit of a time-tyrant, to keep continually updated information before my constituency. Here are some I'm currently working with:  


Big Ideas About Absolute Truth In A Relative World

I like Big Ideas.  By that, I mean thoughts about things that cross over the boundaries of disciplines I'm interested in:  Science & Theology, Politics and Missions, stuff like that.  This BLOG gives me an opportunity to write about these things and try out some of the new ideas I come up with.  Feel free to read and leave comments.

Introduction to New Testament Literature

"Our Sunday Dialogue"

The Biblical Literature Blog is a pilot project for the class I teach Sunday mornings at Yucaipa Christian Church*.  The main idea behind this course is looking at the Bible as ancient literature rather than as a devotional or holy book.  There are lessons and resources posted on the site which reflect our discussion-based classes.  Feel free to read and participate, even if you're not a student. 

*8:45 - 10:15 AM Sundays  12954 Bryant St. Yucaipa, CA 92399 (909)797-1108

Inland Empire Bible Institute

Christian Education is perhaps the most important issue for believers these days, given the political, social and cultural situation in which we live.  I've always found it's much more productive just to teach the Bible and let people come to their own political and cultural decisions than it is to try to bend them to my way of thinking, which may or may not be biblical to begin with.  IEBI was founded in 2005 by Pastor Ted Hurlburt and I became involved in 2008.  I manage this front-end website and also the Online Learning System which is linked there. 

YCC Global Outreach

As always, Christian Mission is a major category for me.  Many people misunderstand what this involvement is all about.  Missionaries have taken a bad rap in the past few decades.  All the bad stuff that has happened has been hung on their shoulders by academics and commentators who didn't like Christianity in the first place and found a useful scapegoat in people who were too busy working to better the lives of others to defend themselves.  I manage this site for YCC Global Outreach, the mission arm of Yucaipa Christian Church.  Here you'll find links to all the missionaries they support, descriptions of their Short Term Outreaches and all the paperwork and paraphernalia that makes an organization like YCC Global Outreach tick.