Owing to the suggestion of several friends who have read or heard some of the things I write when nobody is around, I am making some of those writings available here as a separate website, in case I need to take it down or do something else with it.  I've arranged the pieces in more-or-less random order, so it wouldn't be good for readers to try to figure out any particular scheme of arrangement.  Not unlike the barbarians who picked apart the architecture of Rome to build their hovels and took pieces of the infrastructure to sustain their meager existence, I have borrowed from others before me who stand far taller than I to construct these poor offerings.  In fact, some of the writings themselves are not my own, and I have attempted to clearly mark them, partly to avoid plagiarism, and partly because I love these pieces so much it doesn't matter who wrote them.  With that said, I offer these writings to all who read them as an architecture of experience.