The Phat '58

This is one project that's been going on for some time now, actually about 5 years.  I originally bought the '58 Chevy Pickup for Kristin when she was 14.  It was in OK shape, had only had 3 owners before me, and ran pretty good.  However, it had a 4-speed transmission, the bright idea of the hot-rodder before me.  When Kristin tried to drive it, the Hurst shifter and 5000 lb. clutch were just too much.  So I drove it around for awhile, trying to figure out what to do.  The answer came one day on the Cherry Valley Blvd. offramp from I10, when the clutch unwound and came completely apart.  I managed to get it started in third gear and drove it home that way, parking it in the garage.  A week later, rather than just fixing the clutch, Wayne Baker and I started tearing the whole thing down for a frame-off restoration and update.  That was July, 2003.  Now it's the end of 2008, and I'm just beginning to get the thing back together.  These pictures chronicle the odyssey of the project, but don't come near to reflecting the bewilderment we've had along the way.