This course consists of research and development materials for church planting ministers and missionaries.  Project planner and parameters for the project paper are found on the course site.  

Here are links to 30 articles and academic resources I have found helpful, which also may spark some interest for students casting about for a subject for their project paper.

  1. Dining With The Devil:  The Unique Secularization of American Evangelical Churches
  2. A Tale of Two Edinburghs:  Mission, Unity and Mutual Accountability
  3. An Emerging Pneumatology: Jurgen Moltmann and the Emerging Church in Conversation
  4. Back to the Future:  A Story of Theology, Identity and Mission, with reflections
  5. California Dreams
  6. Children Huddled in Crevices
  7. Christian Communitas in the Missio Dei:  Living Faithfully in the Tension Between Cultural Osmosis and Alienation
  8. Contextualizing Indigenous Church Principles: An African Model
  9. Emerging Church?  New Thinking About the Church in Europe in the 21st Century
  10. Entrepreneurial Idealism
  11. Evaluating Pastoral Effectiveness:  To Measure or Not To Measure
  12. From Church-Shaped-Mission to Mission-Shaped-Church
  13. Globalization, Global Church and Educational Ministries
  14. Going Mega
  15. High-Tech Circuit Riders
  16. How Deep Was It?  Plumb-Lining the Commitment to Integral Mission
  17. Justin Martyr and the Penal Substitutionary Atonement
  18. Migration, Mission and the Multi-Ethnic Church
  19. New Clergy - New Churches
  20. Mid-U.S. Mega-Churches and New Patterns of Global Mission
  21. Reaching New People Through Church Planting
  22. Reconciliation and Renunciation of Status as God's Final Aim for Humanity:  N.T. Thoughts on the Church's Mission
  23. Re-envisioning Theological Education, Mission and the Local Church
  24. Reflections on H. Richard Niebuhr's Theoretical Model on the Relationship Between Church and Culture
  25. The Church Awake:  Becoming the Missional People of God
  26. The Church in Nepal:  Analysis of its Gestation and Growth
  27. The Global Demographics of the Pentecostal and Charismatic Renewal
  28. The Island of Too Many Churches
  29. The Place of Church Planting in Mission: An Asian Perspective
  30. Unraveling the DNA of Church:  How Can We Know That What Is Emerging is 'Church'?