These sessions in Apologetics cover most of the usual subjects, albeit from a bit of a different perspective.  Living in Asia as long as I did tends to skew my worldview just a bit, and the teaching, if not the slides and handouts, reflect that.  These PowerPoints give a preview of the classes, or for those who have already attended, a review.  In the near future I hope to have streaming video of the sessions themselves.

  1. The Faith Once-For-All:  An Understanding of Apologetics   
  2. Supplemental Outline on Apologetics
  3. The Word Made Sure:  Evidence for the Bible's Authority
  4. Knotty Problems:  A Short Survey of Bible Difficulties
  5. Rocks Cry Out:  Archaeology and the Bible
  6. The God-Man:  Jesus in Historical Context
  7. The Enigma of the Empty Tomb
  8. Understanding Man
  9. Supplemental Studies on the Creation of Mankind
  10. Islam:  Rulekeeping as Religion
  11. Hinduism:  Echoes of the Ancients
  12. Buddhism:  Liberation From Life
  13. Israel and Judaism:  Abraham's Way
  14. Early Christianity: Judaism 2.0

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Below are links to papers and resources which may be downloaded and used by students of  Th102.

Syllabus for Th102:  Apologetics 1

Ron Rhodes:  Manuscript Support for the Bible's Reliability

James F. Williams:  Apologetics and Evangelism