Welcome to my newly re-designed web homeI'm glad you stopped by. Here you'll find all the things I'm interested in, and you'll soon see that I'm interested in many things.  I'm hoping you'll find some things you're interested in too. There's some of my teaching here, some resources for courses I'm currently teaching, and also some leisure activities. You'll also find my new bookstore, containing many books on Theology, Apologetics, Mission and General Interest.  I try to make sure that the books I recommend here are by authors I use in my teaching, on subjects toward which my discussions tend to lean. Purchasing the books directly here will help support this site, and by extension, my teaching ministry.  Take some time to look around and peruse some of the pages, and if you find something comment worthy, don't hesitate to email me at wfstapleton@earthlink.netRemember, though, that this site is a work in progress, and will always be so.  Blank pages are not an indication of non-involvement, just shortage of time.  2 Tim 2:2